Candidate in Skills Competition



At the my 2nd year 1st semester, I had learning already in computer. Also I’m working at LBP that time as a part of our OJT. One of my friend called me that our Dean has something to tell me. When I was in the office and I’m talking with my sir, I never thought that he will tell me about the incoming event of CAPTESA Skills Competition and I am one as his chosen candidate for FCC. Im so surprise and my emotion was mixing.

The start of my practice was easy. I’m not totally computer literate. But I’m glad that our Dean trust my ability and knowledge. In the first day, I was excited in different formatting that I will do. I will also review all my learning from 1st year. It’s so enjoyable when I got practicing because sir didn’t strict me, I am free to do what I want. For this was not our formal practice, just a little refresh of my brain but in behalf of that, Im scared because im thinking that my school put to shame.  So that sometimes I cant concentrate because of what I had felt.

I never thought that exercises were difficult. One day sir explains the procedures and mechanics of competition. After that he gave me exercises that he thought it was difficult so that I will focus and analyze to it as a part of my learning. At the first it so hard for me to solve for it was never explain to us during our freshmen until in present and he wants me to read all the books that elate to computer and make it my reviewer. All exercises that i was read in the book was difficult. But i think its an advantage for me because i learn and gain a lot.

I feel weaker in the event. Before we left FCC, Sir Adjijil has a prayer for us. After that we proceed to the place where the events will be held. The DVTS staff was welcomed us wonderfully. Not longer, the competitions were started. I was nervous because there are a lot of competitors and all of them are smart. However, I become weaker in myself. When we are in the middle of competition, I felt hopeless because the question was hard and different for I had practiced previously. Until the assessors told us to stop, I never finished my 3rd part. But the sad thing, only the other category will be times up suppose in my category which was PCO continue running the time. I’m disappointed because I never finished my remaining 30 mins. The competition was fair because all questionnaire and data are original.

The trip home never ended the joyful day for me. The awarding was in the afternoon. My co-representative got 1st place in web page category. The awaited result was in my category which is PCO NC II. I’m expecting that I got a place. But  sir told us that I deserved to become a 2nd place. So Ma’am Chu and I were very glad. I never thought that I will

fcc itc team

be part of the top 3 winners. I’m not also expecting that even how hard the competition is, I can really make it. Were happy for all of us were got an award. Until we went home, we are bringing the award of FCC that has a title of Overall Champion in ITC Skills Competition. So next time, I will never underestimate my ability, for I can use it as my skills. The point is just believed in your self as you believe in God; don’t think any negative about your talent. Just go and show your ability.                               -narrative


One response to “Candidate in Skills Competition

  1. tama ka nga “never underestimate my ability, for I can use it as my skills. The point is just believed in your self as you believe in God; don’t think any negative about your talent. Just go and show your ability”.

    Just believe sa kakayahan mo, you must be humble sometimes but never underestimate your skills, because this skills of yours will help you to reach you dream someday. And in a contest always expect the unexpected…

    Nice blog of yours..

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