My First Adventure at Mambukal Mountain

My first adventure did happen last February 2008 when we had our field trip in Bacolod City. The last thing we did was to visit Mambukal Resort. This place has nice surroundings. There are many places that you can choose for relaxing. It is found at the foot of the mountain. Other side of it is the forest. Many people enjoyed staying in that forest maybe because they can find many awesome views.


I’m a student of Filamer Christian College, Roxas City, Capiz. This was my first adventure. I give more value in this kind of situation because this was very memorable event for me. I consider this adventure as a difficult part in the story of my life. I’ve been careless in what I’m doing so that I usually got in danger. But for me, adventure is also one of the most exciting events in my life.


In the said mountain, you can found hidden falls on top of it. We used to go there and we have many experiences encountered. I expect that it is very near in the resort so that I get along with them. But later, half hour past, we still cannot find the falls. We’re asking one another if where are we? A long journey in the mountain and we already reach it. An hour climbing the mountain and found the small falls. This was the very tiring part in our trip.


 As a student and I experienced already what adventure is, I can only say that one should not be worried in the journey; just believe in yourself that you can make it and to God who leads your path, and later you will succeed. Adventure is not only dangerous event; in this kind of situation you can also find friendship, love and care. So you can always remember what memories you gain in that adventure.


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