My One and Only Jennifer

Things are one of the best gifts in my life.

When I was a child, my parents gave me a doll that was taller than me. I named it Jennifer. She has a shoulder level hair. Her eyes were cute and it winks all the time. Her height was 4ft. I love hugging her use she is soft. She is the one who I used to play with. Until when I went to bed, she’s with me.

I talk her when im alone. I also play with her when I don’t have a playmate. Jennifer is very special thing to me. I put more value to her. I don’t want that she is dirty. Even in her clothes, I borrowed my clothes for her to wear and I clean her.

Even I had lots of toys and dolls, only Jennifer I give more attention and value. I really cried if she got dirty because I want her clean and well beautiful all the time. For she was the only one who release my loneliness.



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