Person Who Intimidates Me

Intimidate. Everyone wants to be able to do it; few have the testicoli to make anyone flinch, much less sweat.


This was my story. Let me call him Merky. He is a guy and was my friend. Were the same province and he was 4 years older than me. I was so shocked when he told me that I put him on shamed. His friends told him that he is ugly that came from me. Wow, that’s not true. So that time, he was so angry with me. He threatening me and I’m so frightened.


So by the end of the day, before I went home, he told me this is not the end and he will revenge, nobody gossiping him. Just wait for his return. Because of his pride and he wants all girls bow in him, he don’t want anyone judge his personality. But that was not my fault. I cried and said: I never say’s any bad words against you. Im just expecting that his friends ask forgiveness to him, but not.


In this case, sad to say I lost my one friend and intimidate me that really I didn’t do it. His intimidating me even though I have no fault and im explaining and asking forgiveness for he only knows im the one who start it.


What a sad part in my life? To the readers, I want to share my experiences; we must careful and watch the words out from our mouth. Even I really never say it, I asked forgiveness and this is a lesson to me. Also I know it’s a part of growing up.


Don’t do to others that you don’t unto you, so that no one‘s harm and intimidates you


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