The Prized I Valued

Prize is one of the thing that I give more significant in my life. I really appreciate and value what others nor did my family give me especially when it is a prized gift.


One of this was my cellphone. I ask my mother that she bought me a cellphone because I think it’s so needy for me and for her to have a fast communication. Then she answered that she would think at first. She knows how im trying hard in studying only to get a high grade.

At next, she called me and she asks me a condition: if I got a high grade and my grades were higher than my past, she will give me as she promised. I kept her promised and I do my very best to study hard. So after 2nd grading, I did a high grade and I told her. She was happy to hear that from me and did her promised. Im so lucky because she provide me a phone even though im still young to had that.


Also, one of the prized I really valued was a ring that was given my friend. We were friends since high school. But there was a time that we quarreled. Until we graduated, we had a misunderstanding. Year past, we met each other again in college school.


Just call him Popeye. He is good to me since were friends. In school, we’re not seeing everyday.  Times goes by and were very busy, we had no communication. Im so lonely and I missed him.


Month later, he knows that I joined a competition and I won. So he told me that he has a prized for me. In that time, I’m not expecting that he will gave me a ring. He said, that ring was symbolizes his love for me as a friend. Even though were far in each other, I will be the greatest friend he ever met. No other person can be more valuable to me in his life. Also, he was really proud of me as his friend because im not giving up in all my problems or obstacles that comes in my life. Even though how hard and difficult it is, I really made it.


In that case, I more valued that thing and I will keep it forever as his souvenir. In that event, I know he was still always with me to support even though his not with me.


Lesson is, valued the things or prized possession in you. Let it stay longer and don’t ever ignore it or treat it as an ordinary thing. Love it as you love yourself and God will give you more.


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