The Place Whom I was Frightened

“Im afraid to go there!” that was commonly I used to tell with. Every part of my life has a meaning. One of this was I mostly scared when I saw a dark house especially at night. My skin turns dying and I don’t know what I should felt.


Dark-house is usually tribal but minimalistic. It often features echoed trance-like claps (as opposed to progressive house snare drums), and low pitched, driving basslines. The mood is almost always melancholic and somewhat dreamy. At more intense levels, dark house may contain screeching, moaning, or electronic pulses to emulate sounds found in horror movies.


One day in my teenage life, I experience an incredible happening. I was with my friends going at the secret place near in our house. We find a house that was neither very old nor very dark. No lights inside or outside of it. It was surrounded by trees because it was near in the forest. Im expecting their were someone who lived there. At a moment, a harsh wind came. We don’t know what to do. We enter at the house. A scared story revealed. We saw different kind of faces in the wall. It might be a house of a witch.


An experience of mine when I was at secondary time. I wouldn’t forget that happenings. Im very neither scared nor afraid that time. I thought, it was my ending. What a very incredible event and story that I go already in the house of a witch.


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