I Really Admire my Mother

Admiring a person is just like you like them or amazed. In this part, I only admire my mother

my mom and I during my graduation day

my mom and I during my graduation day

in comes of person. Just call her jazzy. She is not tall, but had a normal height. A fair complexion skin, long hair, a bit fat and lovable. A very understanding mom for she forgave me many times in my fault. She understands what my situation and feeling even I used to hurt her. But above all these, the thing that I only admire with was her clean heart, understanding mom and very faithful person.


My mom and I we’re closed to each other. Sometimes I make kidding and fun to her. When it comes of problems, she was very strong. She handled it even how difficult to carry because she believes that God always there for her and that’s a fact. It is all proven. The only thing she did was never give up serving the Lord.


She was strong enough even what kind of problem she encountered. I loved her so much because she was the one who accompanied me and understand all my worries especially feelings.


I can only say is, I admire her for what she has in outside appearance but for what attitude she has inside and outside. For me, no other moms greater than her and im with her no matter what happen in her life. My verse for her was Ruth 1:16-17


This was my story. Im sharing my experience in admiring people so that you can relate your story to me. Hope I can help you think what kind of person you need to admire.

“Choose the best person.”


5 responses to “I Really Admire my Mother

  1. how lucky you are to have a mom like her..
    i wish my mom would be like her also..

    Gob bless..

  2. I also admire my mom .I am now prepare in a topic about the person i admire .i google in the website and see your article .i really appreciate it.

  3. i also admire my mom.. but a sad truth… she left me and passed away… i wish to have another lifetime with her. in that time, I will change things it used to be…iloveyou mama and i miss you.

  4. I wonder how to admire some one?

  5. love that that story makemy eyes water

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