How I Become a Christian

Since I was child, I don’t know what the meaning of “Christian” is. I know Jesus, just only a God and nothing followed…

One day, in my high school year, my mother approaches me to go in church. When I followed her, I met the Pastor of Baptist Church. Until he teach us in the beginning of life and especially he introduced Jesus Christ, if who is He?

Then that time, I realized that were so valuable to God. Were so special and very precious. I’m regretting why I ignore God before to come in my life. But now, I strongly accept Him as my personal SAVIOR and nothing compares to Him. He is the King of the Kings.

As I accept Jesus as my Savior and companion, my life changes. He renewed my life as a new creature. I receive more blessings from Him. He teaches me how to become strong and have confidence in all the time. In comes with problems, He said, “put your worries and problems in me, for I will be handled that. Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

How great is our God. Now I live happily in His presence.

My fellow young people don’t be afraid in facing your life. Commit yourself unto God, and you will be saved! God will help you all the time. Just listen to His words and follow His instructions and you will have an ETERNAL LIFE!.

Righteous will never be Forsaken

Jesus said:

  • Seek first His kingdom and His righteous, and all these things will be given to you as well!
  • Seek His rule first in your life!
  • Seek His righteousness above all else!
  • THEN…. “These things” will be added to you!

2 responses to “How I Become a Christian

  1. mr. f. m. bontipola

    Being a Christian there are two types The TRUE CHRISTIANS and THE UNTRUE CHRISTIANS!

    Being a True Christian…..

    I must forget myself and must follow Christ until the judgement day.

    I must serve the Almighty GOD THE FATHER.

    I must follow the teachings of Jesus Christ only.

    I must be the

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