Tired Of The Results You Are Seeing?

James Smith

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  If you are not pleased with the results you are seeing in a given ministry or program, make a change.

Positive change requires vision.  Vision is always needed to begin a new ministry or program, but it is also needed to continue it.  We too often allow vision to guide us to begin something, but then leave vision out of the picture when growth or decrease begin to happen.  It will take constant vision casting to cause a given ministry to continue to have growth.

Change it up! It is in our nature to try to find a norm or comfort zone.  However, when people find these, they begin to relax.  Once they relax, it is very hard if possible at all to re-motivate them.  One pastor told me he will throw a hammer through a wall before he allows people to think that change is not happening in the church.  Constant change is exciting!

Change only what needs changing. Don’t get in the way of progress.  Allow those areas and people who are having success to continue without interference.  There are always areas of the church that need help.  Only make changes there.  If modifications are to be made in an area of the church that is doing well, make sure they are small modifications that will not offend those who are causing progress.

Boldly change what no man has changed before. Some sacred cows need buried.  If you see an area that offers no help or blessing to the chuch and has become antiquated in it’s purpose, make a change.  Make sure however, that the change you offer is better than what was offered before.  Sell it to the individual first, then the congregation, then promote it and support it.

Not too many changes too fast. Don’t change anything for the first year.  Now that may be a bit extreme, but it would be easy to allow our zeal to overlook the present culture of the congregation.  This would cause us to make changes that may offend some people.

  • Be sure you know the history of a thing before you change it.
  • Who started it?
  • Why was it implemented?
  • What purpose does it serve now?
  • Who will it effect?
  • Will it hurt or offend them to make a change?
  • If so, can I get them excited about something else which would allow them to let go of this?

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