Worship in the Hard Times

“Yet I will rejoice in the LORD, I will joy in the God of my salvation.”

Habakkuk 3:18 KJV

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Habakkuk was a prophet during a period of history when Israel was quite wicked. Habakkuk asked God to judge the wickedness of His people, and God obliged. But the prophet was astonished that God chose the Chaldeans to inflict this judgment. The Chaldeans or Babylonians were much wicked than the Israelites. Habakkuk couldn’t understand why God used a nation more deplorably evil to chasten His people. At the end of the brief book that bears his name, Habakkuk puts the intense conflict aside and worships his God in song…

In a moment of deep discouragement, Habakkuk used music to lift himself up, even to the point where he said…

“I am ready to jump for joy to the God of my salvation, and spin around because of who God is…”

David, too, used song to lift his spirit during the discouraging times of life. He was a great musician and poet – his psalms are actually praise hymns to God.

source: OMFlit Book

Even I, myself, really used song to praise and worship God. In my saddest time, I cannot express my feelings to God sometimes if I’m talking to Him. My way of relieving myself is to worship Him in a song. I always sung Christian songs and believe me, it can relief your worries and you will forget your problems. How amazing the love of our God. Hope you also, will worship God even through song. That’s the greatest one thing to feel the presence of the Lord.

Thank you Jesus!


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