HELLO! my brothers and sisters in God..

wat a pose!....heheeheh..'',)

wat a pose!....heheeheh..

Welcome to my page.. I’m a student of Filamer Christian College, Roxas City Capiz. . I’m recently taking up Bachelor of Science in Computer Science under the College of Computer Studies. You  call me Shayne. 18 y/o, living in Pinesville2 Subd., Urban Poor, Bato Roxas City.  I’m interested in how God plans our lives to be meaningful and all the piece of our life fit together.

I wrote this blog so that i can share my learning and experiences with you. Hope you enjoy reading my stories and share your comments with me.. (more about me..)

Thank You!

May God Bless You!..

*********im aLso looking for a friend.. can u b one?.. u can visit my friendster profile and be 1!.. thank u…_


5 responses to “About

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  2. Tomilayo-Adepeju

    Its amaziing how you have set up this blog, i was just looking through wondering how one can develop self control, but then i find answers from the bible. This is very useful and may the lord continue to bless your work and expand this blog. Let You can also keep in touch with me through my email, it would be nice so we can converse. stay blessed!!!!!!!!

  3. shiela mae delos reyes

    … hi mztah,,,

  4. Hi !
    Nice to meet you here!!!

  5. I’m so glad there are young people that believe in Jesus. It happened to me that I believed in Jesus when I was 17 and I’m so glad it is still happening to young people today.

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